Computer Hall of Fame

Welcome to the San Diego Computer Museum's Computer Hall of Fame.

When Jim and Marie Petroff founded the Computer Museum of America in the early 1980s, they wanted not only to preserve historic computer equipment, software and manuals, but also to honor those extraordinary individuals who made the ongoing Computer Revolution possible. To that end, they created the Computer Hall of Fame in the mid-1980s, with an inaugural class of five initial inductees.

After the Petroffs deeded the Computer Museum of America to the Coleman Foundation, the charitable organization set up by Coleman College founder Dr. Coleman Furr, the Museum's leadership decided to make the Hall of Fame a centerpiece of the Museum experience.

From the late 1980s until the Museum moved to its own building in downtown San Diego a decade later, a portion of the collection was displayed at the Coleman College main campus in La Mesa, Calif., with exhibits for the five inaugural members. When the Museum moved into its expanded quarters, the Hall of Fame likewise expanded both in display space and membership, with new classes inducted every two years while the Museum was in existence.

Each of these classes was chosen from a list of nominees posted to the Museum's Web site, and voted on by Museum members, staff and the general public. Inauguration dinners provided an opportunity for fans to mingle with inductees new and old, and to hear the inductees reflect on the milestones of the Computer Revolution they participated in.

With the shuttering of the renamed San Diego Computer Museum (the collection of which is now in the San Diego State University Library Special Collections, preserving it in perpetuity), the Computer Hall of Fame is currently in an archival state, maintained here by former board members and officers of the Computer Museum of America / San Diego Computer Museum as a public service and to commemorate the achievements of the men and women in the Hall.

We are open to having another organization take over the Computer Hall of Fame and carry its mission into the future, ensuring that generations to come know of the contributions the pioneers recognized here made to the Information Age - as well as adding others also worthy of recognition. Interested organizations are invited to contact us.